What Do You Get From Short-term Mission Trips?

Short-term mission trips are mission trips that has a duration of less than a year and intentionally not for professional missionaries only. Short-term mission trips come with a time frame focusing on a specific practical need in a place or community at the same time, spreading the Gospel. If you do not want to be career missionaries who are usually long-term in service, you can join the short-term mission trips and have a taste of what a missionary's life is.

Here are the benefits brought about by short-term mission trips:

You are exposed to a whole new world of people and culture. You get to know many people and the challenge there is to establish rapport with them to be able to complete your mission. You will be aware of another side of the world with a different way of living. You get out of your place of comfort. You explore a new life. You learn how to adjust to different people and different culture. You learn how to humble yourself and immerse yourself in their society. Here are some young adult mission trip ideas you must know.

A life full of feeling of fulfilment being able to help people. By serving people and sharing God's gospel, there is an unexplainable satisfaction you feel after doing these. It is not just a charity work but mainly extending a hand to people who need it and making them feel that they are not alone in this struggle in life.

You will know what life is really all about and that materials things are not really a huge part of it. You will see how fortunate you are way back to your home. In line with these, you will learn how to appreciate what you have and not complain about what you do not have. You will be contented with what you have.

The missionary force is expanded. You help in expanding the missionary actions such that it covers many more people. Watch here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1xcze5wBL0 .

The service does not stop after the short-term mission trips. It tends stay within you. You long to serve more. This is because you have found it to be more satisfying than any other thing.

You meet new friends. The short-term summer mission trips are not just for pure service but also you can have some fun while doing it. Friends help you keep on going especially during times when you feel discouraged and you would want to go home.

Take time to breathe and see a bigger picture of life. Go on a short-term mission trip, you will never know how your life will be changed until you try.